Lok-N-Roll is the ultimate  

drop-in replacement upgrade for your Floyd Rose(tm) style guitar nut

Lok-N-Roll Features

R2 = 1 & 5/8” Nut Width

R3 = 1 & 11/16” Nut Width

9” – 14” Fingerboard Radius

Top and rear mount screws included

Phillips Screwdriver and 2.5 mm Allen Wrench NOT included.

Lok-N-Roll is the Ultimate Direct Drop Upgrade Replacement nut

Ultimate Drop In Upgrade

Lok-N-Roll Compensated Locking Nut

The Lok-N-Roll Compensated Locking Nut is the original upgrade locking nut company for locking tremolo systems.


  • Compensated and accurate tuning
  • Increased note clarity 
  • Even tension across the fingerboard
  • Less sharp and flat notes
  • Reduced hand and wrist fatigue
  • Faster playing
  • Piano-like pronounced chords

Lok-N-Roll 2020 & install video

Artist, Friends, features, and Mike Learn from Learn Guitars installation video. 

Bryce VanHoosen demo's Lok-N-Roll

The Insanely talented Bryce VanHoosen

Talks about Lok-N-Roll and Floyd Rose then demo's a Lok-N-Roll verses a standard Floyd Rose nut through a tuner. You'll be amazed ! Check out his videos, and his band Silver Talon

Shuhei Matsumoto from Japan demo's Lok-N-Roll!

Shed Master Shuhei Matsumoto from Japan compares Lok-N-Roll to a standard Floyd Rose nut.  Make sue to visit and followShuhei Matsumoto on instagram to see the video.   His talented post are informative and his guitar skills are jaw dropping!  DOMO Shuhei Matsumoto!!!!!!

Kirby Velarde Lok-N-Roll

The amazing Kirby Velarde tries out the Lok-N-Roll Compensated Locking Nut and shares his thoughts.

Kirby oozes talent! Check out his Facebook page.and make sure to follow him at:

Reggie Wooten discuss Lok-N-Roll Prototype

The one and only Regi Wooten talks about the very first prototype Lok-N-Roll now permanently mounted on Regi's guitar!!  Just Google his name and read all about this innovator and guitar legend

Lok-N-Roll Testimonials

Brad Kypo

Maj Tony “WAK” Kim

Maj Tony “WAK” Kim

Brad Kypo:

Big thanx to Gregory Decker and Lok n Roll. I’ve been nagging him for a year now for his compensated Floyd Rose nut. Finally arrived today!Very easy install and the first thing I noticed was how stable the needle was on the tuner whilst tuning the guitar up. A few dive bombs on the whammy bar and the guitar is perfectly in tune. Great work Gregory. If you want to upgrade your floyd-rose equipped guitars, with compensated tuning (better intonation for your guitar) check out the website or visit them at NAMM, Hall D booth 5529.     

Maj Tony “WAK” Kim

Maj Tony “WAK” Kim

Maj Tony “WAK” Kim


Out of the 12 nuts I just purchased from you (see email), I have installed on a Charvel Art EVH, Ibanez JEM, Petrucci JP16 (floyd version) and I have to say, I am VERY impressed.

I thought there might be a subtle difference but I have noticed not only that the guitar is completely in tune with itself (I’m also an amateur luthier and anal about intonation) but the tension across the strings feels equal and I made sure to play each of them right before and after install to compare and I have to say, AMAZING.

Great job! Have been waiting for YEARS for this.


Mike Learn - Learn Guitars

Mike Learn - Learn Guitars

Holy shit! Unfucking believable! I'm shitting my pants!!! This fucking nut is the baddest thing ever made since the invention of the wheel!!!!! 

I have alot of things I need to tell you regarding my experience with your nut. The first thing you must know is that I am beyond a tone fanatic. I am obsessed with tone and perfect intonation on a stringed instrument that is known to be imperfect. You nut is remarkable and innovating to say the least and is beyond the comprehension of most people for what it does. This is a pure game changer!!! Let's chat sometime. Just let me know when!!!!

Mike Learn - Learn Guitars

Mike Learn - Learn Guitars

Mike Learn - Learn Guitars

I have had the privilege of watching Gregory Decker develop this product over the past few years and we finally got together to do an install on a Learn guitar.  I struggled with proper intonation as long as I have been a Floyd rose user.  The intonation on open chords really battled me in the studio.   I highly recommend this product to anyone using a Floyd.

About Us


Lok-N-Roll was developed to offer each string its own compensated length.

This provides individual string tuning, more even tension across the fingerboard, and noticeable assist in faster playing, tapping, slapping, sweeping, string skipping, tremolo recovery, harmonics, better overall tone, and in some cases, a reduction of hand and wrist fatigue.

It's simple, if the tension and tuning across the fingerboard are enhanced, this makes for less work on the player.

By compressing, locking, or clamping the strings, Lok-N-Roll technology provides decreased string stretching keeping strings in tollorance of compensation . Less string stretching means your guitar will continue having all the benefits of compensation.

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