Lok-N-Roll R2 & R3 available soon!

Our manufacturing factory has moved through AP International / Floyd Rose Marketing. 

This has created a delay in inventory. 

Ultimate Locking Tremolo & Guitar Upgrade Hardware


Lok-N-Roll Compensated Locking Nut

The Lok-N-Roll Compensated Locking Nut is the original upgrade locking nut company for locking tremolo systems.


  • Compensated and accurate tuning
  • Increased note clarity 
  • Even tension across the fingerboard
  • Less sharp and flat notes
  • Reduced hand and wrist fatigue
  • Faster playing
  • Piano-like pronounced chords

Coming Soon...R2 and R3 Nuts!!

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Going to NAMM 2019?

Lok-N-Roll NAMM 2019 

We will be at the 2019 NAMM show! Stop by and see our products from Lok-N-Roll “EVOLVE” Compensated Locking Nuts, WooZen Mutes, the Official Wooten Mute, Lok-N-Tune for trem systems. As well as upcoming new releases! Hall D Booth 5530 as well as the AP Intl. / Floyd Rose booth. 

Meet Regi Wooten, and Bob Nalbandian from Inside Metal and more!!


Lok-N-Roll Compensated Locking Nut provides:

1) Compensated true tunings

2) Even string tension across the 

     fingerboard providing faster playing

3) No more inherent sharps or flats

4) No out of tune "G" or other strings

5) Faster and more accurate tuning

6) Reduces hand and wrist fatigue

7) Each string has its own length to produce its actual      intended note, providing a more piano-like quality

Bottom Line:

Faster playing, better note clarity, less hand and wrist fatigue!!

"Hone The Tone"

"Quick The Lick"

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Lok-N-Roll details.

Lok-N-Roll (c) products:


compensated locking nuts direct drop in upgrades for you Floyd Rose (tm)


tuner and attaching system that clips onto your Locking nut for accurate tuning of your Locking Tremolo system. 


Official Wooten Mutes designed by Regi Wooten 

NAMM 2019 show specials

“EVOLVE “ $69.95 each. Any color or size and & get “FREE” shipping to any lower 48 US States. 


$19.95 each includes “Free”

shipping  any lower 48 US state. 

WooZen Mutes

$5.95 each show special or $5 each when you purchase 3 or more. 


Check out this great video

Regi Wooten

Justin Tolan

Lok in your tone 'n roll on stage!


About Us


Lok-N-Roll was developed to offer each string its own compensated length.

This provides individual string tuning and a more even tension across the

fingerboard. Noticeable assist in faster playing, tapping, slapping, sweeping,

string skipping, tremolo recovery, harmonics, better overall tone, and in some cases, a reduction of hand and wrist fatigue.

It's simple, if the tension and tuning across the fingerboard are enhanced, this makes for less work on the player.

By compressing, locking, or clamping the strings, Lok-N-Roll technology

provides decreased string stretching. Less string stretching means your guitar will continue having all the benefits of compensation.


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